Tips to Maximize Your Smaller Living Area

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 Tips to Maximize Your Smaller Living Area

For many, designing a smaller living area can be a challenge. By visiting a name brand furniture showroom you can get advice from sales representatives who will help you create a stylish and functional space. From figuring out the right color palette to choosing the right furniture, experienced professionals can help you design an inviting space will maximize every inch.

1. Control Your Colors

A smaller space calls for a limited color palette. You can add interest by using different hues of the same color, like interesting shades of white for a sophisticated look. However, you do not necessarily have to stick to neutrals. You can paint your walls in a neutral shade and then add personality with the right furniture selections. A colorful accent chair or sofa in a trendy tone like blue can make a strong statement of style.

2. Pay Attention to Light

In recent years, ample light has been a strong focus in modern homes with good reason. You can open up a smaller living space with an abundance of natural light. If floor to ceiling windows and doors are not an option, use side panels and layer your lighting. Think overhead recessed lighting and chandeliers, pendant lighting where appropriate. Throw in some wall sconces that add mood lighting without using up your floor space for the best effect.

3. Choose Larger Furniture Pieces

It may be counterintuitive, but small furniture pieces can make your modest space seem even smaller. Too many small pieces of furniture in a limited amount of space can make your room feel cluttered. When you choose larger anchor pieces you expand your space visually. A sectional sofa is the perfect choice to give your small-scale living area a more open and airy look.

4. Go for Multifunctional Furniture

When you choose multifunctional furniture for your smaller home you can make the most of the space you have. A sleeper sofa can provide the flexibility for your spare room to become a home office by day and a guest room at night when needed. Ottomans in the living room can double as a cocktail table, and store eyeglasses, books and electronics to free up space. A bookcase place near a window can double as a window seat. The list goes on.

5. Add a Neutral Rug

Keep your rugs neutral to make your space appear larger. Light colored materials and soft beiges, creams and grays can expand your living space in the viewer's eye, no matter what the size. Keep it solid or use a soft pattern.

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